Instructional Solutions

Technology that Inspires the Next Generation

As technology grows, education solutions adapt. From collaborations to audio enhancements to smart interactive learning – technology solutions are starting to flood the education space! Interactive boards are great for interactive learning and enhanced audio and video solutions enhance learning and collaboration. Fit out your schools with the best solutions to enhance both student’s and staff’s education experiences!

Spaces of Learning

Schools throughout the world leverage technology to enable students and staff to achieve their objectives, both efficiently and productively. AVCO offers collaboration technology, interactive technology and enhanced audio and visual technology for any space in education, from classrooms and common areas to large cafetoriums and auditoriums.

K-12 & Primary Education

K12 and primary school technology solutions elevate campus learning spaces of all levels and applications. Whether it’s bringing standard and flipped classrooms to life, transforming auditoriums into world class performance centers or ensuring the right audio/video, lighting and control products are available to serve any campus need and technology is designed to inspire the next generation.

Higher Education

Higher education institutions comprise a wide variety of spaces, ranging from classrooms and lecture halls to residence facilities, theaters, and stadiums. All of these areas require technology solutions to help make an impact on the students who attend. Innovative audio, video, lighting, and control solutions allow instructors to focus on learning rather than the technology they are using.


The world of education is changing – moving toward innovative technology has been a driving force. We want to bring these enhancements to learning and teaching to you. Intertwining technology into daily classroom routines brings classrooms to life as technology continues to expand as days go by.

Auditoriums & Cafetoriums

In large meeting rooms including auditoriums and cafetorium, it may be hard to project audio across such large areas. We can help you install sound systems that ensure great coverage, and also help with visual displays like projectors or electronic displays.


Gymnasiums are becoming a common ground for gathering within schools and universities. Let us help you create a sound system that can be heard from front to back. Digital signage can also be placed throughout the facility to captivate the eyes of anyone inside.

Stadiums & Outdoor Fields

Taking AV outside is a task we can handle as well, offering sound systems to span the entire stadium.

Common Areas

Digital signage is useful for many situations – whether it be guidance, information, statistics or mass notifications, let us help you display what you want on the displays you want. Let us also help you find perfect portable systems for you – whether it be visual or audio related.

Impact Students in the Classroom and Beyond

The Hybrid Classroom Solution

AVCO Trac is a new way to enhance teaching while keeping everything you already love. Over the years, white boards have been a staple part of classrooms everywhere – now, how about adding technology into the picture? AVCO Trac incorporates innovative technology into your workflow with the help of a SMART Interactive Flat Panel by allowing you to still teach with a white board while adding in modern technology.

Samsung Interactive Solution

Samsung interactive display WAC series offers a dynamic, engaging experience designed for the classroom of the future. Its intuitive interface and wide compatibility make it easier for teachers to leverage education apps and features that optimize lessons to help students discover the joy of learning.

SMART Technologies

There’s a SMART display for every classroom. Discover a range of high-quality interactive displays engineered for the simplicity teachers want. Easy to deploy and support, they’re a solid investment for any EdTech budget. Connect your devices and classroom technology, optimize remote learning and get students engaged – all while inspiring learners and teachers with powerful teaching tools and world-leading interactive education technology.

Outdoor Signage

Stewart Signs is a national sign company with a local approach. Since 1968, they’ve provided signs for tens-of-thousands of satisfied customers, including churches, schools, businesses, military installations, civic organizations and municipalities across the country and around the world.

School signs provide the essential means of communication between the school and its community, parents, students and teachers. Stewart Signs have provided quality signs to elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities across the country and around the world. For organizations that want a modern and attractive sign, Stewart Signs is a full-service sign provider that will help you thrive through effective communication. Unlike other sign companies, they design and build their own complete sign solutions and provide them to you through the easiest process in the industry.

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