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The Audio Visual Company has been providing AV solutions for Hawaii’s healthcare industry for over 30 years. These include boardrooms and conference rooms for many of Hawaii’s leading providers including Queens Conference Center (QCC), Hawaii Medical Care Association (HMSA), and Hawaii Pacific Health (HPH) parent company of Straub, Pali Momi and Kapiolani Hospital. We have installed AV systems in training rooms, auditoriums, meeting rooms for these organizations, and much more

Healthcare Solutions

Assisting healthcare partners with the day-to-day business of patient care. Our technology streamlines conference and meeting spaces making it easier than ever to consult across the globe at the push of a button. A trusted cornerstone in mission-critical applications for decades, audio and video distribution solutions provide pixel-perfect images to aid in surgery simulation and other training facilities, as well as hospital command centers.

Huddle Spaces

Designed to enable effective, small-group collaboration, huddle spaces allow effortless viewing and sharing of content from laptops, tablets and mobile devices. AV Technology allows staff to quickly collaborate in the room and around the world.

Conference Rooms

The conference room is at the heart of important discussions and reviews where critical decisions are made. AV Technology ensures that in-room content and content from visiting devices can be shared and compared effectively, web conferencing can be launched instantly, and that everyone in the room is seen and heard. This is all done at a low cost or ownership with easy set-up and maintenance.

Training Classrooms

AV Technology empowers students and instructors with an active-learning environment for dynamic content sharing from both the student and instructor for group-based, collaborative activities. In addition, provides seamlessly integrated systems which allow professors, doctors and students to share content with small groups, the classroom, and distance learners simultaneously.

Surgery Simulations

The importance of training is multiplied exponentially when it involves equipping individuals to provide critical patient care. Trusted video distribution technology to deliver pixel-perfect video to increase the value of resident training whether it’s a video feed from an actual procedure fed to students for observation or a surgery simulation.

Command Centers

Command centers are designed around massive video walls where visual data is displayed in real time for monitoring to ensure resources are used efficiently, and safely. AV distribution is at the heart of mission-critical command centers and emergency response centers around the globe. Our secure technologies ensure redundant fail-safe systems, clear AV distribution, and instantaneous global conferencing; while control overlay and interfaces allow instant access to any content at the push of a button.

Video & Web Conferencing

AVCO can provide many different types of video/web conferencing solutions dependent on your needs. AVCO can create solutions using WebEx, Zoom, Teams, BlueJeans and many other video conferencing software.

Large Format Display

Video wall solutions are the way of the future. Having the ability to have a large format display to display all your vital information is crucial for any healthcare environment.

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