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AVCO Trac is a clean solution for bringing two worlds of teaching together – keeping your original white board but also working with the innovative technology that SMART Technologies has to offer.

Stewart Signs

The Audio Visual Company is here to help you get the best signs made for your schools. Communicate with your community, including teachers, families and students. We have teamed up with Stewart Signs to bring you the best solutions when it comes down to signs!

Education Solutions

COVID-19 AV Solutions

Living hand-in-hand with COVID-19 is the new norm - let us help you create a safe space for visitors and workers alike.

Samsung Flip Pro

Samsung Flip Pro takes learning experiences to the next level for educators and students with intuitive UI, smart solutions and brilliant hardware. Watch and learn more about the premium interactive display.

SMART has a Display for Every Classroom

SMART Technologies - A New Way to Learn

Want a new way to teach within a classroom? SMART offers technology solutions to enhance learning and teaching. Let us help you with fitting your classroom to best benefit both students and teachers.

Audio Enhancement for Teaching in a Pandemic

Audio Enhancement's BEAM System

We all moved to wearing masks every day to protect ourselves and others from COVID-19, at the same time it has become harder for teachers to amplify their voice to the entire classroom. By adding Audio Enhancement’s BEAM System to a classroom, it will help amplify the teacher’s normal speaking voice so everyone in the classroom can hear the message. If you are interested in a demo, please contact us and let’s set something up!

Technology that Inspires the Next Generation

K12 and Primary Education

K12 and primary school technology solutions elevate campus learning spaces of all levels and applications. Whether it’s bringing standard and flipped classrooms to life, transforming auditoriums into world class performance centers or ensuring the right audio/video, lighting and control products are available to serve any campus need and technology is designed to inspire the next generation.

Impact Students in the Classroom and Beyond

Higher Education

Higher education institutions comprise a wide variety of spaces, ranging from classrooms and lecture halls to residence facilities, theaters, and stadiums. All of these areas require technology solutions to help make an impact on the students who attend. Assisting education clients in harnessing the power of various, disparate technologies both inside the classroom and beyond by ensuring everything works reliably and cohesively. Innovative audio, video, lighting, and control solutions allow instructors to focus on learning rather than the technology they are using.

Enhance Your Learning Experience


The world of education is changing - moving toward innovative technology has been a driving force.

We want to bring these enhancements to learning and teaching to you. SMART boards are a great asset to classrooms, offering interactive digital white boards that can be used to enhance learning and teaching alike. We offer the AVCO Trac - work with a digital and non-digital whiteboard next to each other with ease.

Document cameras and projectors are also an asset that enhances the ease of teaching. Allow rooms to see your documents with ease while presenting them with these pieces of technology.

Distance learning is becoming a new norm - we can help you install microphones, speaker systems and voice enhancement systems to ensure your classrooms are getting the best teaching experience while living through these changing times.

Auditorium / Cafetorium

Auditoriums / Cafetoriums

In large meeting rooms including auditoriums and cafetorium, it may be hard to project audio across such large areas. We can help you install sound systems that ensure great coverage, and also help with visual displays like projectors or electronic displays.

Need a Larger Solution? We're Happy to Help.


Gymnasiums are becoming a common ground for gathering within schools and universities. Let us help you create a sound system that can be heard from front to back. Digital signage can also be placed throughout the facility to captivate the eyes of anyone inside.

Let's Go Outdoors - We Can Do That Too

Stadiums / Outdoor Fields

Taking AV outside is a task we can handle as well, offering sound systems to span the entire stadium.

Group Collaboration and Relaxation

Common Areas

Digital signage is useful for many situations - whether it be guidance, information, statistics or mass notifications, let us help you display what you want on the displays you want. Let us also help you find perfect portable systems for you - whether it be visual or audio related.

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