Hawaii State Federal Credit Union

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The Audio Visual Company (AVCO) was awarded the project to install various AV systems throughout the renovated ten floor building. The renovation included small conference and gathering spaces with 65 inch
monitors mounted on the wall with Peerless back boxes and pull out mounts with input wall plates or floor box connections. Large conference rooms and training rooms received 75 inch or 85 inch monitors along with full AV systems with a touch control panel and various input plates at the table or floor box along with ceiling speakers or pendant speakers depending on the ceiling finish. A room scheduling system was also installed for the floors that had the conference and training rooms. The larger rooms also received connection plates to add monitors on rolling carts to give the users the flexibility for visual enhancement. The 10th floor also included outdoor audio system for company engagements along with a large projection screen and projector and audio system for staff training sessions.

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